Owner’s Corporation


Property management skills developed within the company provided a natural extension into the effective management of owner’s corporations. Our objective in the management of owner’s corporation is to protect and enhance the investment of all stakeholders.


The tasks that are undertaken to attain this aim are driven by the roper conduct of the owner’s corporations annual general meeting. It is from these annual general meetings that policies and management tasks are defined, adopted and implemented. The majority of these tasks become the working components of the management agreement of the corporation’s manager.


The major tasks include the;

  • notification and formatting of Annual General Meeting. Accurate recording of the outcomes of such meetings and the communication of these outcomes to all stakeholders,
  • recommendation of appropriate resolutions at AGM’s for the effective management of the affairs and assets of the corporation including risk management, establishing capital replacement and painting funds,
  • drafting of Maintenance Plans, the selection and monitoring of contractors in the implementation of such plans
  • notification and administration of committee meetings. Tabling of financial statements. The reporting of the performance of maintenance contractors,
  • negotiations for insurance cover and the fees.

The management agreement appointing Hamilton Lawson goes far beyond that required under the Owner’s Corporation Act.

Within the management function, the agreement defines the a comprehensive accounting function that includes a wide range of financial reports allowing for the effective monitoring of the owner’s corporations financial affairs. The policy of Hamilton Lawson is to have an independent auditor review the Owners Corporation accounts administered by Hamilton Lawson and this is adopted by all the owner’s corporations managed by the company.


The effectiveness of Hamilton Lawson management is reflected in the industrial estates it manages on behalf of the owner’s corporation responsible for such estates. These industrial estates are a clear statement of effective management by this company. Any inspection of these estates cannot fail to verify this statement.