Our Services

Market Interpretation

Hamilton Lawson monitor and track rental and sales transactions to provide properly researched analysis to clients on current market behavior.

Investment Analysis

A combination of  40 years experience and exceptional academic qualifications in combination with market analysis skills within the company allow for skilled investment analysis to plot the market position and investment value of a clients asset.

Negotiation skills

The environment in which staff are continuously negotiating agreements develops with market interpretation skills strong  abilities to negotiate viable and workable agreements.


Properties are inspected regularly during the term of the lease.

Documented History of Property

Complete history of transactions is retained on our data system including correspondence and activities related to the property.

Accounting Service

A full and accurate financial accounting service is provided.

Rental Reviews

Rents are reviewed on the dates specified. Our data base records and tracks rental transactions in the market allowing accurate prediction of rental rates.

Rental Arrears

Prompt payment of rent is the highest priority.

Lease Renewals

Lease expiry dates are tracked and negotiations are commenced.

Tenant Selection

Potential tenants are assessed as to their suitability.

Repairs And Maintenance

A comprehensive range of maintenance contractors are retained by Hamilton Lawson.