About Us

Hamilton Lawson was established in 1971 originally as John Lawson Real Estate then in 1978 with the acquisition of Bob Hamilton became as it is known today Hamilton Lawson Pty Ltd.

Industrial real estate in the Moorabbin-Braeside area is the core activity of Hamilton Lawson. Backed by an exceptional level of academic achievement of key company personal, this core activity supported the development of highly specialised skills in the sales, leasing and management of industrial real estate within the company.

The blend of experience and academic analysis has enabled the company to refine highly valued property management skills and the ability to measure market behaviour and the financial analysis of real estate assets.

It is these skills and knowledge that clients of Hamilton Lawson both seek and appreciate allowing Hamilton Lawson to add real value to their assets and become industry leaders in the Moorabbin-Braeside industrial hubs.

Hamilton Lawson has also become a leader in the management of industrial owner’s corporations and manages six large industrial estates. This includes Roberna Business Park, Key Point Industrial Park, 477 Warrigal Road, 18-22 Garden Boulevard.